Help for Ward Organists

"HELP! I'm a pianist, not an organist! They've called me to be the ward organist and I don't know what I'm doing!"

Here is a manuscript that's been kicking around in my computer for more than a decade. I had originally planned to beef it up and then publish it. Instead, I've decided to offer it as a free download for LDS organists. Its purpose is to help pianists to become good organists through education in the technical aspects of organs. The transition from piano to organ is not always intuitive, and part of the problem is intimidation with all the buttons, knobs, switches, and foriegn-sounding labels. Armed with the information in this manuscript, any good pianist can learn to get a good sound out of an organ. Additionally, it provides some basic instruction in organ technique. De-mystify the organ!

Understanding and Mastering Pipe (and Electric) Organs:
Technology and Technique for LDS Organists
Download Manuscript

NOTE: Because I'm a self-taught organist, as opposed to trained by experts, there may be inaccuracies in the text. If you find any errors or have any suggestions to improve this manuscript, please email me and I'll make corrections. Thanks!

PRINTING TIP: I suggest you print with Adobe, not Explorer. After you download, the manuscript will appear in a window with two toolbars. The top bar is Explorer. It has a printer symbol on it towards the right side. Don't use it. There will be another toolbar below the "Address" line. This is the Adobe toolbar. The leftmost symbol is a "save" icon (you may want use this to save a copy of the music onto your hard drive.) The second icon from the left is a printer symbol. Use this one to print; you'll get a higher quality printout.
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