Instrumental Arrangements


What Child Is This?

Violin (or flute) and Cello Duet with Harp (or piano) accompaniment


Arrangement of the familiar My Lady Greensleeves melody with a Celtic feel.

A Poor Wayfaring Man of Grief Violin with Piano accompaniment Download A nice arrangement, three verses long, medium difficulty.
Be Still, My Soul Piano Solo Download A tasteful arrangement of Jean Sibeilus' Finlandia Hymn, medium-hard difficulty.  (This hymn arrangement is also available as a vocal solo with piano accompaniment.)
Be Still, My Soul (student version)
Piano Solo Download Same as above, but slightly less difficult (medium difficulty).

PRINTING TIP: I suggest you print with Adobe, not Explorer. After you download, the music will appear in a window with two toolbars. The top bar is Explorer. It has a printer symbol on it towards the right side. Don't use it. There will be another toolbar below the "Address" line. This is the Adobe toolbar. The leftmost symbol is a "save" icon (you may want use this to save a copy of the music onto your hard drive.) The second icon from the left is a printer symbol. Use this one to print; you'll get a higher quality printout.

PHOTOCOPYING TIP: Save money in the long run. Rather than making copies onto standard 20# photocopy paper, spend just a little more and use 24# extra-white paper. You can get a ream of this paper at any office supply store, such as Staples. This paper is much brighter, stronger, and opaque than standard paper, which makes it much more suitable for storage in your music library for later re-use. It also makes far better 2-sided copies that don't bleed through, which are actually less expensive than single sided copies onto standard paper.
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