About This Site

Welcome to Irv Nelson Music. Here you will find LDS sheet music, downloadable at no cost for noncommercial use.

Why do I give my music away? To me, it is no different than paying tithing or fast offerings, or donating to the ward mission fund or the Church humanitarian fund; it's my way of helping build the Kingdom. Having been a ward choir director for many years, I know how hard it is to find quality music for a price that the ward budget can afford. The Church is growing so rapidly, many wards are housed in new buildings that have no music library at all. On the other hand, libraries in many older, established buildings are filled with music that is dated or too difficult. The price of published sheet music is so high that the entire annual budget for a ward choir can sometimes be consumed with the purchase of just a single piece of music.

This is not the fault of the composers! I have great respect for church members who pursue music as a profession. Several of them I count among my friends. I encourage you to purchase their music and support them. The Church and the world need that which they offer. However, I personally have no desire to get involved commercially. To me, this is a hobby. I am adequately compensated if you like my music, use it, and spread the word. Many thanks to Sally DeFord for the idea, and for her excellent example. Enjoy!