Our ward choir performed your arrangement of "When He Comes Again" for Easter this year and it was absolutely beautiful.  Thank you for writing such great music and most especially for allowing people to download it for free.  I really appreciate your willingness to help make the calling of choir director much easier.  I have given your website to quite a few people who are involved in church music.  Thanks again for your service!
~Laura Nielsen
Boise, Idaho

Thank you so much for writing the beautiful hymn, "How Many Drops for Me?" and sharing it with us!  I have chosen this wonderful piece for part of our Easter sacrament meeting program.  It is one of our choir's favorite numbers and often brings tears when we sing it as it bears witness to our souls of the great atoning gift our Savior. Thank you again for making this special music available to us.  I will be recommending it to all the choir directors in our stake!
~Debbie Timpson
Sacramento, California

Many thanks, Irv, for the use of your lovely arrangement of "Be Still My Soul".  I was asked to accompany this for a funeral of a sweet elderly woman that lived just up the road from me.  I know it meant a lot to her family to have this specific song and your arrangement just gave it the perfect touch.!
~Stephanie Sorensen
Provo, Utah

I am a Hutterite, and am planning for an upcoming wedding.  The bride said to me, "Come Thou Fount needs a revival."  So I went forth, and, not wanting just any old revival, searched for a wonderful, new arrangement!  I have been scouring the internet for three days.  I wanted a simple one, but not too churchy; not too stoic, but not too flowery.  Today, I found your version.  I printed it and sat at my piano, taking time for every single chord, my lips never coming together because of my wide smile and, from the bottom of my heart, it is the most beautiful thing I have heard in a while.  When I was done, I wiped the tears off my lashes and messaged a friend about it.  I still can't stop smiling.  Thank you so much.
~Lenita J. Waldner
Sperling, Manitoba, Canada

I was so excited to find your arrangement of "Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing."  I absolutely love the low alto part.
Sarah M. DeBoer
St Paul Lutheran Church
Ann Arbor, MI

Thanks so much for publishing your music on the internet for free.  My daughter and I will be singing Away In A Manger in Sacrament meeting on December 23.  We were really scrambling to find a Christmas duet and I was relieved and excited when I found your music.  I also love to play your arrangement of Come Thou Fount Of Every Blessing.
~Susan Foote
Fort Macleod, Alberta, Canada.

Thanks for your arrangement of When He Comes Again!  I used part of it for the grandchildren to sing at our grandfather's funeral (Stephen R. Covey).
~Jeri Covey

Oh how I appreciate your arrangement of How Firm a Foundation! Let me count the ways!
1. It's beautiful
2. It's simple
3. It's familiar with an artistic twist
4. It's difficult to find a stake conference "special music" number on the theme of "scriptures"
5. It's a  manly solo
6. It's easily approved by stake president since it's a hymn
7. It's not "Jesus rock"
8. Did I mention that it's beautiful?

~Elizabeth Ingersoll
San Diego, California

I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful music you are sharing with our ward choir.  We were able to perform "Silent Night" on Christmas day with the senior Primary children (about 80 of them).  It turned out quite magnificently, thanks to your beautiful music.  We are starting "Press Forward, Saints" tomorrow and my pianist, who has a strong music background, is very excited.  I love your arrangements.  Thanks so much!  I am definitely a fan! (as are other ward choir members)  Thanks!
~Mary Sue Smith
Woods Cross, Utah

I love the fact that in your piece you have incorporated both of the popular Away In a Manger melodies.  I am excited to have our Primary sing your lovely arrangement in the Christmas program.   Thank you for posting your music on-line for our use.
~Darla Green
Carlsbad, California

The Boise 16th Ward in Boise, ID will be performing your arrangement of "Press Forward, Saints" in Sacrament Meeting on July 22nd.  We have been challenged and edified as we've been working on this song.  Thank you for being willing to share your arrangements for free.  It truly helps our choir, as our ward's choir is not given any money/budget for purchasing music.  Thank you!
~Keesha Brown
Boise, Idaho

Thank you for the beautiful hymn, How Many Drops For Me?  Our ward choir performed the SATB arrangement for our Easter program.  We found it to be simple but very moving, a very personal reflection on the atonement.  I love to select ward choir music that touches and invites the listener to come to Christ.  This song was wonderful.  Thank you!
~Laurie King
Orem, Utah

I really enjoy your facile hand at piano accompaniment.  As a composer who got a late and tenuous start on the piano, I was transcribing one of your  arrangements in order to study what makes your arrangements easy to play.  It was a good learning experience, thanks.  Your layout is very nice, as well.
~Jay Williams

I am the ward choir director for my ward and every year I'm in charge of creating the Christmas program during Sacrament Meeting. This year I came upon your arrangement of What Child Is This and decided to use it in my program.  We don't have a harpist so I filled in on the piano.  I just wanted to say thank you so much for putting this arrangement of yours out there for others to benefit from.  It proved to be one of the pieces in our Christmas program that we got the most comments on as being so beautiful and spiritual.  Many were teary-eyed and filled with the Spirit by the time we finished the song. 
~Stacie Cheney
Star, Idaho

My son-in-law's favorite hymn is “A Poor Wayfaring Man of Grief”, and he wanted my daughter to sing it at his baptism.  I found several arrangements online, but my daughter and I really liked your arrangement of the song.  My son-in-law cried as she was singing it.  It was an amazing spiritual experience for us -- to have found this particular arrangement of the song, for it to be so lovely and so meaningful, and to be guided in performing the song.  Thank you SO MUCH for your kindness and generosity in sharing your amazing talent, and for this awesome arrangement.
~Carrie Bell
Coeur d’Alene, Idaho